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The Different Stages of Herpes

Posted on 15 May 2011

The stages of herpes are very important for you to learn if you are one who suffers from the virus. The more you understand, the better you will be able to handle the outbreaks as they come.

Not everyone experiences this virus in the same way, but it does follow general stages.

Some people feel flu like symptoms at first. They may not even realize their illness is as a direct result of herpes! Not everyone experiences this stage, so just be extra careful if you have herpes and feel like you may be getting the flu.

To start off, you may develop redness in a certain area of your skin. This area can become quite itchy and even sore to the touch. Additionally, the area may begin to swell.

This early stage is sometimes not even noticed by the person who is having the outbreak. As they become more and more common, you will get to know the signs your body is giving you.

Then, the area may start to develop small blisters. These blisters may be filled with fluid. They can also be quite painful. When the blisters get full enough, they may burst and become like ulcers.

They scab over, which may make you want to peel off the scab. Do not do this! Scabs are there for a reason. While this is not one of the most pleasant stages of herpes, it is essential.

As these scabs get harder and harder, new skin grows right underneath the scabby area. If you’ve peeled the scab off this skin doesn’t have the same chance to grow.

Herpes lesions often heal over with no visible scarring. If you peel and pick at the scabs, they may leave a scar. Since you may get herpes outbreaks for the rest of your life, the last thing you need is a collection of scars from every outbreak you’ve ever had!

The best thing for you to do is learn the signs your body is giving you. If you catch an outbreak during the early stages of herpes, you will have an easier time with it.

You’ll also want to know the signs of herpes because you are more likely to pass the virus to others if you are having or are about to have an outbreak.

The stages of herpes are certainly not pleasant. But, the more you learn about them, the better chance you have at treating the virus. It is possible to have a normal life with herpes if you do your best to learn all you can.

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108 Responses to “The Different Stages of Herpes”

  1. drea says:

    Ok women can have.out break inside that’s why its easier for women to pass it an not know it

  2. Soscared says:

    I can’t find any sites where I can ask a question, but Im and 18 year old female, I have had unprotected sex over the weekend and a few weeks ago but that was with a casual partner.. But just recently after shaving , yes I used an older disposable razor, and then I got these bumps on the area above my vagina, where most my pubic hair is, then last night they broke into sores or something I guess, but they scabbed, there’s about six of them that are sores, and I’m not feeling any burning, only when my pubic stubble/sores chafe on my underwear, and my underwear actually pulled one of the scabs off… I looked at so many different pictures of things, I can honestly say it looks more like a staff infection than genital herpes, plus I have nothing on my vagina, on the walls of the inside of it or there’s nothing on my anys , I also have no fever or flu like symptoms, or tingling I’m pretty sure. I need some answers and help, I am going to the doctor tomorrow but all I can do is worry and over think!!!!

  3. gina says:

    I just found out that I have herpes last week when I went in for my annual ck up. I am not sure if it was from my husband who I have been seperted from for the past year or this new guy I met one month ago. I have not had an oubreak yet. It sucks. I am about to get a divorce and now I have to start a new chapter in my life with an incureable virus.

  4. doesnt make sense says:

    its crazy because i have done a lot of things in my life… i used to sleep with men for money when i was young. and the day i decide to fall in love with my best friend and sleep with him is the day i caught herpes 2….. well i think… see he never liked using condoms truth be told they hurt and i have a small whole so obviously friction would be a problem. we broke up with his ex then we started dating. we had an argument about his ex calling his family saying she wanted him back and he said he wanted to “prove his family wrong” by going back to her. i was heart broken. my friend introduced me to a guy. we had a few drinks and i let him talk me into “having his baby”… smh idky i thought it sounded good at the time of course an all time low for me…. i guess i just wanted to feel that way even thought i knew it was impossible to when i knew him all of 6 hours… anyway. we had sex like 4 times and it felt like the last time my v j j rejected his genitalia or something. my whole closed up tight and it felt like it ripped or something. i went to pee and i almost died. i was always a hypochondriac scared to catch anything yet here i am sleeping with a guy i barely know because we have a mutual friend. anyway so i went to the doctor and he knew right away what it was … he took the test i guess just so he could document it and tell me which “gift” it was…1 or 2. he said i had to have had it before i slept with dude because it takes 2 days to 2 weeks for first sign of symptoms… i swear i thought i was one of those rare 24 hr cases… smh lol. i couldnt believe my best friend would do it to me so it had to be him right…??????? wrong… to tell u the truth idk… but what i do kno is it all happened because i felt vulnerable and and insecure… when usually i am very confident. that was 7 years ago… i was so depressed for years. i just wanted to die. sometimes i feel down still but then i just think about celebrities and how many of them must have it too!!! I WISH CELEBRITIES WOULD COME OUT AND SAY THEY DO AND IT IS OK…… SO THAT IT WONT REMAIN TO BE SUCH A SOCIAL STIGMA… IF I WERE THAT IMPORTANT I WOULD. I AM SURE THE WORLD WOULD STILL LOVE ME THE SAME :) MAYBE EVEN MORE

  5. rose williemans says:

    this is sad to say but i caught genital herpes through anal sex and i have been really suffering with it and my symptoms that i have from it is itching redness open cuts burning i have swelling and every now and than i get a bump hardly ever i get a blister i use to when i first found out i had it and is it possible that u could itch around your anal area and sometimes i have tingling satsation and sometimes i get so depressed and stess out about it and am trying to fine ways to move on with my life because am pretty sure there is somebody thats going through worse than what am going through with it i just no now to protected my self and be more careful because every thang that look good aint good and now i wish alot of times that i wasnt having sex so tell me what should i do the only thang i no to do is keep my head up and keep a smile on my face and no that theres is a good man up above

  6. doesnt like u says:

    herpes can be the most painful thang that u could ever catch its very aggravating my symptoms i have from it is tingling itching open cuts burning and when i start to get a outbreak it begin to swell and also i have itching around the anal area and i have redness sometimes little bumps blisters and sometimes i think a person could have a outbreak and dont no it its very important to no the symptoms of it and a female could have a outbreak on the inside of her vagina around the walls how ever i found out there is no cure for this infection i got it for the rest of my life however herpes is not bad as aids now that will kill u herpes want it will just calls u some pain and believe me it will to people always use a condom and dont let nobody tell u no different not saying that condoms or always safe because sometimes they not always safe they dont protected all the viruses and i wish many of times i would of been more careful but i wasnt so now i got to just deal with the consequences so if alot of u dont have it trust me u dont want it either so people just be careful and use condoms

  7. WTFisTHISonMYlip? says:

    ive had herpes for about 2 years..first harsh genital sores, itchy, burny, gross looking sores surrounding the head of my penis. doc said i have hsv2.. than i have sex with my girlfriend, and oral sex, next thing u know i have hsv1 and reoccuring mild bumps on my lips, but now for the past 6 months or so ive not had any genital sore outbreaks or hsv1 sores EXCEPT, this ever lasting damn BUMP that seems to grow in size on my bottom lip weither im nervous our shy, its like a red flag on my face!.. i hate direct sunlight to my face now, i dont like people to look at my lip, it doesnt look as bad as the lip sores on others photos of hsv1 but this one worrys me because it has been there for SOOO LOONG. and is very noticable and embarassing. what do i do? it never goes AWAY!.. i feel socially disfigured and find myself covering the bump or biting my lips in hopes to hide it but still feel when people notice it. weird thing bout it my girlfriend hasnt had ANY SYMPTNS to her genitals or mouth in 2 years or ever for all i know, but has complained of a burning sensation sometimes after sex. i dont knpow, but i know herpes is a curse and i probably deserved my life time achievment for unprotected sexullants!.. hooraaY me!.. dumbass :(

  8. Veteran says:

    To those of you who have had the virus for some time now, I feel for you. I really really do. I caught it back in the early 90’s, so its a cross I’ve borne for a while now. I’m sorry you have to deal with it, I wish neither of us did.
    For those of you who have just come to know that you have it, please understand that as bad as it seems, it is NOT the end of life. You are not a leper, and you will be able to cope. One thing that is important is that you don’t make rash decisions about your life based on this unfortunate situation. Don’t marry or divorce out of shock or outrage, you need to be able to think clearly before any decisions like that. As I have gotten older it seems my outbreaks have gotten fewer and further between and they aren’t as severe as they were. I don’t know if thats because I am calmer (your nerves will trigger outbreaks, so learn to control them as much as possible) or God decided to have more mercy on me as I age. But it seems like I’ve heard others say the same thing; time makes it better. Learn the warning signs of an impending outbreak, and if you are ever, EVER unsure, abstain or wear protection. As bad as it feels when you catch it, how could you ever knowingly risk giving it to someone else?
    Lastly, you need to know that you are not alone, there are many, many of us. Most of us went through the same things you are experiencing right now, and we can tell you that you will get through it. Your attitude will affect it more than you can fathom, so try to be as positive as you can, calm, and forgiving. Hydration seems to play a role as well, though I don’t understand why. I just know that if I can shorten the visit or lessen the severity one little bit, I’m all over it.
    Be kind to yourself. You’re going through a rough patch right now, show yourself (and especially others) mercy. Nothing heals like forgiveness.

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