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What Are the First Signs of Herpes?

Posted on 04 March 2011

If you think you have the herpes virus, there are some things you need to keep an eye out for. The signs of herpes are not always there right away, but when they show up it is not always pleasant.

After you contract th e virus, you will usually get symptoms in about ten days. The first thing that happens is your skin gets slightly red. Then it will begin to blister. These eventually pop and crust over.

That certainly does not sound pleasant. But if you think you may be infected you need to know what to look for or else you may spread the virus to others. There are also differences for mean and women that you need to be aware of.

With women, the folds of the vulva are usually where the first lesions develop. It can also spread to the urethra, anus, cervix, and upper thigh. Men usually notice lesions on the penis, urethra and scrotum. If you are hoping that the signs of herpes go away quickly, you’re out of luck.

The lesions can be quite painful for up to ten days. They can also last a total of one month. In addition to lesions, you may also experience fever and chills, fatigue, and swollen lymph nodes.

If you start to develop the signs of herpes, you’ll want to get tested right away. If you don’t get tested it’s possible that the virus outbreak will get worse or that you’ll spread it to others.

After each outbreak you will experience a latent period. That means that you will not have any signs or symptoms. This can be a welcome relief for someone who suffers from the disease! Don’t let the latent period fool you into thinking you’ve cured the herpes.

There is actually no cure for herpes, though scientists and doctors are working very hard to find one. They are also working on finding a vaccination to prevent your partner from contracting it from you.

If you experience anything unnatural at all in your genital area you need to contact your doctor. Even if it’s not herpes you have, there are many things that could go wrong with your genital health.

Your doctor will probably put you on a medicine to suppress the outbreaks. Many people go on to lead normal lives and are relatively outbreak free. If that sounds like a life you’d like to have you need to see your doctor right away.

The signs of herpes are not pleasant to deal with. You will probably get painful blisters and possibility even a fever. The best thing for you to do is keep an eye on the symptoms and learn how to deal with them in a way that works for you.

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13 Responses to “What Are the First Signs of Herpes?”

  1. Rachel Corsair says:

    Herpes attacks your nervous system and lives in your spinal cord until it’s ready to come out. you will possibly experience pain in your legs like something is pinching a nerve when you are having an outbreak. you can take the medicine (valtrex) for 3 days and the pain in legs or sores will disappear until your next outbreak.

  2. kennedy says:

    Please I want to know if after unprotected sex and mybe after some weeks your body start ichin you those that mean the person has contected herpes?

  3. David says:

    So I just found out that I have herpes and I don’t know what to do. can u die from herpes?

  4. Camile says:

    I have fine little bumps on the corners of both top and bottom lip. My lips now feel like they are swollen all the time. Does this mean that I have herpes? If so what can I do to cure or lessen the appearance ?

  5. razvan says:

    im not sure if i have it but i have some bumps on my penis and i cant tell if their pimples i don’t get outbreak but there jus there.they dont bleed but if i try to pop them sometimes pus comes out and they cause any pain

  6. Becky says:

    I just found out a few day’s ago that I have herpes. So everything is new to me. What are some things I could do to prevent from my sexual partner from getting it? Can you get it from personal toy’s or does it have to accually come from another person? I am just trying to figure out where I got to from.

  7. luisa says:

    i had sex a few weeks ago, (about to be two weeks) and i usually suffer from bad razor bumps after a few days of shaving. im now noticing these weird looking pimples, not so much lesions but these pimples aren’t painful but they hard somewhat “hard” if that makes sense? on my thigh i noticed a small zit that hurt like hell to pop…should i be worried of having herpeS?

  8. tyrone says:

    I discovered a lump urnder my skin it feels a little smaller than a marble. What those that mean??

  9. acceptmeforme says:

    I found out 10years ago about my situation and it has hunted me off and on, I recently met a guy that accepted the situation until he thought he may be infected, his exact words were, “If I have it then we are stuck together for life”. Although I was shocked at his ignorant comment, we all have to realize that everyone does not know how to deal with this situation, I myself was not aware of my situation untill the first episode took place, it was extemely painfull and I wanted to die!!!!! but there is one thing I remembered and will always keep in my heart ” God doesn’t put more on us than we can bare”………..

  10. Lise says:

    i suffer from bad razor bumps after a few days of shaving. im now noticing these weird looking pimples, not so much lesions but these pimples aren’t painful but they are somewhat “hard” if that makes sense? on my thigh i noticed a small zit that hurt like hell to pop…should i be worried of having herpeS? When I did pop it some puss like stuff came out and then blood, they usually go away and come back

  11. Indiana says:

    WHERE are the answers to all the question on your page:

  12. Demario says:

    I found out I gave my ex girlfriend herpes over christmas break I’m scared and worried I might die from it. I try so hard not to think about it but I don’t want to risk giving it too someone else what am I suppose too do she got pregnant and stop talking to me I wanted too know how I get it when the girl before that got tested 3 times after we had u unprotected sex??? Please lord don’t let me die. :,(

  13. I@Blessed says:

    I first contracted herpes in 2010 by my boyfriend (doing something that I wasn’t supposed to be doing)”Coldsores” anyways, I prayed for 8 months to the Lord and he cured me of herpes. THis is what I did: Read the “Steps to Christ” book so that my prayers be answer even thought in “Mathew chapter 6″ the Lord tells you how to pray. Reading helps you to build up your faith so that when the Lord does cure you, you know that He did it and you think him for it. Anyways, I went into my room and told the Lord how I felt and told Him about all the things that He did for people in the bible and I believe that He did those things and theh He healed me and I thanked Him!! I took a test and I am negative. Its been 2 years now and im still free. No more valtaxs nor herbs. God loves us all and will help us with small or big situations. You just got to have faith and trust in Him. You don’t half to believe my story, just helping you out if you are serious about wanting a cure. Scientist will never make a cure because it a money maker and 70% of people already have it. Anyways, if you don’t believe my story, its alright with me cause you’re not hurting me and I’m cured and happy with my life.

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