Signs of Male Herpes

Posted on 18 May 2011

Male herpes presents itself a little differently than female herpes. The reason for this is mainly because of they way the genitalia is laid out.

Men are slightly luckier than women in that herpes does not occur as often in men. However, there are enough men who suffer from the virus to make it a major issue.

Herpes usually appears on the penis, scrotum, urethra, and anus in men. Some men get a very pronounced outbreak that covers nearly every area of their genitalia.

Others will only get one or two sores. It is a problem when a man doesn’t know that that he’s having an outbreak.

When you don’t know you’re having a herpes outbreak, you are a lot more likely to spread the virus to others. Many people can have a basically normal sex life if they take the right precautions.

However, if you think you’re home free and have even a small lesion, if is very possible to pass the virus to your partner.

The best thing you can do for male herpes is to work with your doctor to make sure you are preventing as many outbreaks as possible. There are drugs available that can suppress the virus so that it doesn’t appear as often.

Of course, the best way for you to make sure you won’t spread the virus to others is to always wear a condom. This will prevent your skin coming in to contact with the skin of an uninfected person.

There are several things that can triggers a cold sore outbreak. If you are sick or have a worn down body, the virus is more likely to act up. Any time the body is not in top shape is a surefire sign that you may get a cold sore.

The worst part is that you can definitely pass the virus to others even if you don’t know you have it. Herpes does not show up as in outbreak in all men who have the virus. This is one of the reasons why so many new people are catching herpes. Thos who are already carriers to not know they are!

If you don’t know the person you’re having sex with, or if you’re not sure you have the virus, make sure you always wear a condom. If you don’t already have herpes, that is the best way you can make sure you don’t get it is to always use protection.

As a man, you’re probably very protective of your genital area. Herpes can be a very devastating thing that inhibits your normal way of life. Seek the advice of your doctor if you have herpes or expect that you might.

Male herpes is a little less common that female herpes. That does not mean it is any less devastating for the men who have it.

Always make sure to keep the area from coming into contact with others so that you don’t spread it to others. Your doctor has the best way to treat your herpes, so make sure you get help as soon as possible.

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5 Responses to “Signs of Male Herpes”

  1. joe momba says:

    yeah you use the plain term herpes when you are actually only talking about genital herpes which is only one of several types of herpes, so it doesnt really help unless you’re JUST searching for info on genital herpes

  2. Terremoto temblor says:

    It’s kinda funny in this day and age that we can do stem cell research and clone sheep and create characteristics of a baby but can’t cure aids and cancer not even herpes something just doesn’t seem right don’t you think open up your eyes the best protection is abstinence before marriage fuckin bull shit ass government there are cures for all but they keep it from us we can send man outer space and can’t feed the hungry hahahahahah in the words of bob Marley Babylon will soon fall down so be ready

  3. stephan99 says:

    Please sign these petitions to increase research funding for a herpes cure:…earch-funding/…search_funding

  4. me says:

    They have cure’s, but there isn’t any money in curing disease’s. You need medicine to get paid. If they can find a way to let you live with the disease they can keep you coming back to pay for more medicine.

  5. **** government says:

    Yes I’m sure the government has a cure for all but true the drug companies and our government makes billions and billions a year on medicine why sell a cure for a small few grand it’s total bs

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