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Herpes Treatment – Restoring Your Social Life

Posted on 09 April 2011

Herpes Treatment is a very contraversial subject. People from all walks of life chime in constantly to give their “expert” opinions. A lot of people think that Herpes can spell the end of one’s social life. Some people who have contracted the illness despair and suffer silently, believing there’s nothing they can do to lead normal lives again.

This mentality is boosted by popular media, where herpes is often portrayed as something to laugh at. However, you should realize that there are treatments for herpes available to those who seek them. What are the objectives of these treatments?

herpes treatment

Herpes Treatment – Alleviate symptoms

Alleviate symptoms – the main reason why people get treatment for herpes is the fact that the symptoms can be pretty severe. Using drugs can reduce the pain significantly and reduce the sores visibly. The first breakout of herpes is often the most painful and most prolonged. Treatment can help a person recover from this.

Speed Up Recovery

Another reason for getting treatment would be to help speed up the recovery time. As said before, an initial outbreak of herpes can be prolonged, and people seek treatment t o help them cut the time that they suffer the symptoms of herpes. By speeding up recovery, treatment for herpes helps a person live a more normal lifestyle.

Suppress symptoms

There are also certain treatment regimens designed to totally suppress the symptoms. Ideally, the daily treatment will prevent symptoms from ever showing up. Sure, the disease will always be there –it isn’t curable, after all- but treatment will help a person get the next best thing to being cured.

These herpes treatment goals are only accomplished if you know which treatments to use and how to use those treatments properly. You should look into the various treatment options and consult a physician to see which one works best for you.

Remember that you don’t have to suffer through the symptoms of herpes. With the right treatment for herpes, you can step away from the fear and start getting your life back. All you need to do now is decide to take control and get all the help you can. In the battle against herpes, you are not alone.

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62 Responses to “Herpes Treatment – Restoring Your Social Life”

  1. tommy says:

    kelly, 24 do you still check this

  2. Lacey says:

    Hello everyone,

    I’ve had the disease for almost 2 years now as a product of being raped just before my 22nd birthday. To be honest, my world crumbled for a while. I was not only dealing with being diagnosed but also with the emotional fall-out of being raped. I just wanted to let you all know that it gets better. There at days at a time that I go without even thinking about it and I honestly feel that having this has shown me just how strong of a person I truly am. I won’t say that it never gets to me or that I never have a tough time with it. I just wanted to be yet another name on this growing list to let everyone know YOU’RE NOT ALONE!!!!! There are quite a few of us in this boat together. I admire each and every one of you for the fight that we’re all in. It’s going to be tough but I promise, you will make it through a stronger and better person for it.

    thank you especially for these postings:

    -Kira 3/17/11
    -Joe 1/19/11
    -Arnold 1/8/11
    -Jacob 1/6/11
    -Miranda 11/30/10

    The postings you guys left were very comforting and I would appreciate it if any of you guys would mind contacting me. It’s always nice to have a female to discuss these things with and also to get a male’s point of view for help on the dating front. “Breaking the news” is still my least favorite part of all this. My email address is or you can find me on Facebook under the name Lacey Aligood. I would appreciate any contact that any of you feel comfortable with.

    My sincere thanks :)

  3. AusGirl says:

    Hi everyone.
    I have been living with Herpes for nearly three years. My Husband gave it to me. How did I find out – well, three weeks before we got married, I found a script for medication which i did not know of. I investigated and found out what it was for. I confronted him, and he said that he didn’t tell me cause he knew I wouldn’t have stayed with him. I was so angry – I told him I HAD A RIGHT TO KNOW!!! He promised that he had never, and would never pass it on to me. I stupidly beleived him. We separated, and I never thought of it again. Three years after we separated, I was diagnosed. I had only had a couple of partners in the years since separation, and told each of them – they got tested, and it was determined that my husband did in fact give it to me. It just laid dormant for those few years.
    Since then, I have only had one partner, and I told him. Although he was fine with it, we ended our relationship after one year, and I have not sought a relationship since, because I don’t want to tell anyone else.
    I left my marriage with a small child. After 5 and half years, I decided that I wanted a sibling for my child and there had been sooooo many requests for a little brother or sister!!!!. I decided to have fertility treatment, so as to not have to wait for an understanding man. I decided it was easier to have a child on my own, than to tell my secret again.
    I have had bad luck in this area too. I had 5 treatments, two pregnancies and lost both of them.
    I feel like I have no purpose in life. I am only early 30’s. I don’t want to have my heart broken by another man, and now I can’t even give my child what they have so desparately wanted. And the one thing i thought I could give.
    This disease has ruined my life. I would not say I have contemplated suicide or anything that dramatic, but it is humiliating. I am expecting a life lived alone – good thing I am o.k. with my own company.
    I hope to one day feel more comfortable with my problem, but its been three years already.
    Glad I googled this site though. Take care everyone.

  4. Megan says:

    HI everyone,

    I am hoping by sharing my story I can really help someone else who is or has experienced the same thing as me. When I look back to last July I seriously can not even believe that I am the same person. Before I found out that I was positive for genital herpes I had just moved to San Francisco to go to school and have fun and really figure out what I wanted to do in life. I got a really good job that I always wanted and had all my close friends with me. I was always a happy person, always wanted to make people laugh and smile, and for the whole time I was living in the city I was dating someone. 2 years on and off I was with this person. I would also like to mention that in my past, the few people I had dated all ended very badly because they had cheated. I had my suspicions but listened more with my heart than my head. Anyways, last june in 2010 was the last time that my boyfriend at the time had sex, I remember that day literally like it was yesterday. The next day I remember just feeling weird, and I just thought it was from intercourse. A few days later it just seemed to get worse and worse, just a really weird pain, but again did not think much of it. Then a few more days went by and one night at work I started to get really really sick, my body literally felt like it was shutting down, again I did not think anything of it, just assumed I was getting the flu. I started getting really nauseous and dizzy. That night I had the chills and was sweating uncontrollably. The next morning I was fine, no more chills. Nothing. A day later, my boyfriend (at the time) and I went on a day trip and it so happened that I was on my period by then. I felt super uncomfortable and could barely walk. That night when I got home and took a shower I noticed something I have never seen before…bumps covering my genitals. Instantly, every single ounce of joy in my body disappeared, my heart rate jumped and I felt like I was going to pass out. Still not sure what it was I immediately went online and looked up herpes. I have never been in shock like this in my life. I felt so completely alone and its just something you literally can not explain to anyone who has not been through it. I called my boyfriend and told him what was going on, he just told me that I was overreacting and to calm down. Basically making me feel even more alone and making me sound like an idiot for even thinking I had herpes. The next day on the 4th of July I went to emergency. I was in so much pain by that time I could barely get in my car. Thankfully I have the bestest friend in the world, who is male by the way and understands everything and isn’t gay..anyways that’s beside the point..but he had to help me get in and out of the car and walk into emergency. I remember sitting there thinking, everyone knows, everyone can tell what is going on but of course that was my imagination. I went into the room talking to the nurse who tried to convince me that maybe it was just a bladder infection! Ya right. I took a blood test, and was examined, and yes indeed it was herpes. I had previously only had 4 partners and all of switch were boyfriends during that time. I was one of those people who did not ever imagine that happening to did. I took time off of work for weeks, and laid in bed. Literally I did not get out of bed. I tried to not use the restroom because it was so painful, I could barely eat, drink, bathe, anything. And my best friend took care of me, buying groceries for me, making me food, and just being there for me. Of course my story is not over and I have a lot more to say but the point of me actually sharing my story is that, I did have a couple really really good friends that helped me out through the hardest most difficult tramatic event in the history of my life help me through it, and I want to do that for someone else. Even though I still continue to struggle with it, I am completely different from last July. At the end of this post I will leave my email for whoever wants it. Please email me and do not feel weird or uncomfortable about it, I am a great listener and honestly if I did not have someone listening to me I do not think I would be here today. One of my other close friends that I told, told me that she literally didn’t even recognize me, she thought that I was going to try and kill myself, and I never in a million years would think/want to do that. That time in my life was so dark I can’t even believe that it was real. Still to this day my family does not know, I am still not ready to share that with them, even though I STILL go through the constant stress of them finding out through my insurance (which my parents have access to) The people that I have told about this have been so supportive of me. I know I am rambling but I am going to continue my story. So after I found out that I had herpes I called my boyfriend at the time to tell him. He completely freaked out and told me that I probably gave it to him and theres no way that he had it…the whole time when I needed him the most he bailed on me, wouldn’t come over to check on me, wouldn’t even call or text me to make sure I was ok. He completely ran away like the little bitch that he is. Weeks later after he found out that he was a carrier for herpes (meaning he can pass it on and on to whoever and never so any signs of it) Then, after being a complete reck from constant tears and screams, I decided to start hanging out with my ex again, I felt so undesirable, unattractive, and worthless and thought that he would be my only option if I ever wanted to have a relationship again. Thankfully, I soon after just couldn’t take it anymore, my feelings started to die and I finally left. I made a decision to move back to my home town, not only to get away from what had happened but to be closer to those that really mattered, my family and close friends. I have a boyfriend now that I live with and knows about me having herpes, he is such a good person and luckily is one of my close friends for years, he loves me and has helped me through so so so much. But, because of all this stuff that has previously happened, and since I feel like I have been going through so many dramatic changes, it is hard for me to feel sexually comfortable. I am so scared that I could somehow give it to him even with protection and I would be so incredibly upset if I were to give it to him. Bottom line of this story is that I just like everyone else thought was life was over, just remember this time in your life and try your hardest to get past it. It’s ok to cry and to scream and to be upset and hate the world…but only for a little bit. After that you need to get back out there and do what you want to do in life, make life happen. My favorite saying is, “sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same” sometimes it is hard to leave the person that put you in this mess in the first place but in the end it will be the best decision you ever made. If I stayed with that loser, I would of been in the same position I was in before, lonely, depressed, angry, cold-hearted and basically physically here but not mentally. I want to have kids some day and I am going to. There are ways around this and we can all do it. Even though it is hard to picture things getting better it will. And I will be the first one to tell you that I never in a million years would of wanted to hurt myself in any way but back in July, I am surprised I didn’t. If I didn’t have any support which I am sure a lot of you don’t I would be nowhere close to where I am today. I still have bad days, I still cry every once in a while, I still think about what if I had never met him, but in reality thats life. Life is constantly knocking us down but only for us to prove our selfs and get back up and fight back. Fighting back is us making a positive impact on our life and those we truly care about. F*ck all those idiots who “purposely” mess around to give it to more people, or those who look at us different because we have herpes. When I first got herpes I had constant break outs for 3 months, back to back. I decided to go on suppressive treatment, meaning I take medicine everyday. I haven’t had break out since september of 2010. My doctor told me usually after a year you aren’t as likely to get break outs so I am hoping that is true and will try to get off my medicine in a couple months. I used to say it ruined my life, and in a way it did, but its just another obstacle and we have to just find a different path to get around it. We can still have kids, we can still have sex (protected of course) but we can make things work. I just got a tattoo of the lyric I wrote about “sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same” like a week ago, and I seriously have never heard so many touching stories in my life because my tattoo started a conversation. I am constantly having to adjust my attitude and try to be strong, it is not going to be easy but we all have to try our hardest to get through it. Hopefully one day there will be a cure, but until then confide in someone you really trust, even if it means going to therapy. It really does help, but if you are afraid I think “chats” like this are amazing. When I first found out I had herpes I looked for things like this but couldn’t really find much, I just randomly found this cite today and am really glad I did. I know I have basically wrote a book here but I hope that I can atleast help out one individual, maybe even save a life. Don’t give up, there is something to live for, the future is bright and with time you will begin to heal, there will always be a scar but it will just remind you that you can do anything. If you can get through this, you are untouchable. Only the strong survive, and its a tough world out there, come on let’s take the world on and kick some ass!! Follow your heart, follow your dreams. Something I have recently learned is take time out from your busy crazy life and do something fun, take a trip you always wanted to, get a massage or get your hair done just because, by a big fat bag of strawberry sour belts ( 5 bucks per pound at winco!!!!) Just wake up everyday and tell yourself you will make it through and be ok. You made it this far, just take it step by step and day by day. Sorry if this was cheesy but its so true, this actually felt really good getting this all of my chest. Anyways, whether you have had this for years or you just found out today I hope this helps and its always worst the first time you get a break out. And some people don’t even know they have it. Just be safe and use a flippin condom, even if you don’t have herpes, you don’t want it and it can happen to anyone!!!!! Thanks for reading, contact me at


  5. Gabby says:

    Hey guys, I don’t have the disease, but I just want to let you guys know that, life is not over for you guys don’t loose hope. I’m reading some of you guys stories and I’m like really shocked I don’t know what to say about this. I’m praying really hard that someone will find a cure for this disease. I’m really sorry that you guys have to go through this I wish this disease never existed. None of you deserved to have this happen to you. Keep y’all head up and have faith. A miracle could happen.

  6. sibby says:

    hey guys not doin too well with this …. help

  7. fifi says:

    I found out i had it six months ago and my life has never been the same. I am 27 and has only had one sexual partner. I have been with my boyfriend for 8 years and can’t understand how i got Herpes. I told my boyfriend about it and he discover he also has it. Is there a way i can find out how long I have this? I am so confused and sometimes i feel like nothing. I want to know if i gave this to him or if he gave it to me cause i know I haven’t been with anyone but him :(.what should i do? does it even matter?

  8. naa says:

    i have had herpes for 3 yeaRS and contracted it fro m my ex boyfriend f 4 years.its been a rough year,i have met someone who i love so much and dont know how to break the news to him.we have protected sex and i avoid any relation on days i feel an outbreak coming on.what do i do,im scared to tell him,we will be getting married next summer and its tearing me apart not telling him

  9. Sweet C says:

    I have type 2. The day I found out was bittersweet (10 years ago) I was 20 years old and pregnant. It was the first time I heard my daghter’s heart beat. I was very irritated and didnt know what was going on. My doctor at the time was a man. He had no compassion whatsoever. He just told me, “it looks like herpes.” My heart sank. I didn’t know what to think. My daughter’s dad got tested but claimed he didn’t have it. Til this day I believe he was lying.

    These years have been long and hard but I made it. I had another child 2 years later and they are both fine. I have never given it to anyone even after having unprotected sex. I have told just about everyone that I have had sex with and it’s like they have more respect for me afterwards.

    I just came here to tell you guys, there is life after herpes. Having kids is also not a problem. You will just have to take antibiotics through an iv while giving birth. It’s serious but not serious enough to feel less than or to be ashamed. If someone cannot accept it then they don’t deserve you!

    Keep your heads up and stay strong

  10. Trinese says:

    Just found out I have HSV2 about a month ago. I was in a relationship for over 17 years with the father of my kids. We now have been separated for over two years so since then I’ve been dating someone else, having unprotected sex. Anyway, just last month I noticed 2 bumps and went to the clinicto find out what they were. I found out that it was herpes. I blamed my boyfriend that I’m with now he had cheated on me and gave me the disease! He promised he never did. He went to the clinic the next day and when his results came back negative. How is this possible that I have the viruse and he doesnt. We never used a condom. I been with only him for over two years now. Now he thinks I cheated on him. He now wants space! Advice please, anyone? I’m so hurt I dont know what to do.

  11. Jordan says:

    I am 16 years old and have suffered HSV1 since I was around 6 months old when I got my first outbreak. My HSV1 is diffrent to most as it’s aesthetically different to normal herpes outbreaks: much larger and more swolen and forms a bright scab which is highly embarassing, especially as a teenager. I wasn’t actually diagnosed with HSV1 until I was 12 years old; I had a severe outbreak at the age of around 9 where I literally had a ‘beard’ of herpes, it was very unpleasent and baffled doctors. This ‘beard’ appeared several times later too, including on a holiday to Florida which spoilt most of my vacation, especially New Year when I got it(by the way Zoviarx cream was extremely expensive in the US- over $100 when it’s only £5 in the UK!). Now I get the sores, especially at this moment in time as I’m taking my GCSE exams and the stress is causing outbreaks left right and centre leaving me embarrassed and in uncomfort. It spoils my social life too as when I get it I feel like I can’t talk to people because my outbreak is so off putting. However, I have hope the cure is near as apparently they expect one to come within the next 10 years as they finally understand fully how herpes works inside the body! They just need the funding to do more research on medicine. So inspiring though to know I am not the only one out there who feels alone with HSV1, but let’s hope the cure is not too far away and just on the horizon!

  12. clare says:

    your story broke my heart!I understand about not wanting to tell, im so ashamed of it also. I was diagonsed was i was in my frist marriage, my ex was a doctor and i had an outbreak, i thought it was an ingrown hair i showed him and he said we need to get you tested. I freaked out, we waited for the blood test and it came back HSV 2. i don’t know if that was my first outbreak or not. Im not sure when i contracted it and i feel bad bc what if i gave it to someone and didn’t know? and who gave it to me and did they know and if they did were they just hoping they wouldn’t pass it to me? Telling my partners was always hard, when it came down to it i told them, told them i understood if they didn’t want to sleep with me but have never gotten turned away bc of the HSV2. I also have a 5 years old and i don’t think i had it when i had her, but just recently has a baby and was put on valtrex at 36 weeks to prevent an outbreak and had a great vaginal delivery. Don’t put your life on hold bc of this virus! you deserve to be happy! I am sorry you lost the babies, i have also had a misscarriage it was tough, but i know that everything happens for a reason. God has a plan, it might not be the one we wanted but there is always a plan for our life and a reason for everthing. you are young and can do anything you could do before you had this virus! It will be ok, people are understanding, the right people are. My husband now is amazing he was so understanding about everything in my life i have much worse than HSV2 in my past but he was understanding about everthing. the right man will be for you! Take care of yourself!!!

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