Genital Herpes Symptoms – What To Look For

Posted on 21 April 2011

If you have herpes or suspect that you have it, you’ll need to learn about the symptoms. The best thing you can do is arm yourself with information so you know what to do.

If you suspect you have herpes, your doctor can help you maintain and manage it.

The first thing you need to realize is that symptoms don’t usually develop right away. It could take weeks, and almost a month for anything to appear.

Don’t think that you’re home free after having contact with the herpes virus.

People experience the symptoms in different ways. But there are some things that are common across many people.

They may feel a tingling sensation in the affected area as the first sign. Within a few days, this tingling turns into an eruption of blisters and sores.

This area is usually very painful with all of the sores that are present there. At this point, you will need to wash your hands after you’ve touched the area, and make sure not to come into contact with anyone else.

These sores are one of the main signs, and they are the most embarrassing. The area may begin to ooze and crust over, making it a very unpleasant sight.

Definitely do not pick at these sores, or you could spread the virus to other parts of your body and slow the healing process down.

Some people get a severe outbreak, while others get a very small one or none at all. It is careful to be diligent in getting tested if you’re not sure if you have herpes or not.

Herpes are so different for different people that you cannot rule anything out.

Also, keep in mind that painful sores are the only symptom. A good number of people experience what seems like the flu.

A small fever may develop, leaving you feeling a bit achy and nauseous. That is why some people don’t’ know they have herpes, when it presents itself this way; it can be difficult to determine.

Another common symptom is having the lymph nodes swell up in the groin area. This is an indication that there is something very wrong with the genital region. Herpes is certainly not a healthy or good thing to have.

If you have herpes, you’ll want to understand they things you can expect. These symptoms differ in severity for different people, so its best to learn the pattern your body takes when you experience an outbreak.

herpes symptoms

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3 Responses to “Genital Herpes Symptoms – What To Look For”

  1. I M P O R T A N T says:

    i found out some months ago i have herpes. i felt so bad i had that cold symphtoms and i felt really bad for like 2 weeks. i got really depressed but this was just because ignorance, i’ve been reading a lot about it and right now i feel waaaay better.

    i also told my boyfriend, unless it wasn’t easy. he was so kind with me, he supports and understands how i feel. also he said that is no reason to leave me. IS ALWAYS BETTER TO BE HONEST especially if its about someone you care about.

    take it easy, aftes a few outbreaks your gonna get the hang of it and you’ll know how to treat them. but dont hesitate to see a doctor. its better to decide what to do with the information that he gives you than deciding from something you read on the internet. not everything is trustfull.

    i still have a lot of questions but some stuff no one can know (not even the doctor) Because i wanted to know how often the outbreaks would be or where would them be appearing but it depends on your body, and as you know everybody is diferent.

    don’t think you’ll never have sex or fall in love, if someone loves you there wont be any problems. BUT … you’ll always have to be careful with your diet, exersise, vitamins, etc etc

    hope this makes you feel better i just want to cheer you up. dont feel bad with yourself. this can happen to anybody even if you’re virgin and it’s the first time having sex, it wrong when people think it just happens to whores o slutty girls.

    hope this helps you.
    thank you very much if you read it completely.


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  3. sasa says:

    do little red bumps count has blisters

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