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What Happens During a Herpes Outbreak?

Posted on 28 March 2011

It is an amazing fact that most people who have herpes do not even realize they are infected. Many are surprised when they get their first herpes outbreak.

This usually happens about two weeks after infection, so some do not even realize where they got herpes.

The worst part of it is that once an outbreak occurs, they lesions may not heal until two to four weeks. It can be very discouraging to not know you have herpes, and then have to deal with a very sore area for the better part of a month.

Even when your herpes outbreak goes away, there is a very big chance that it will return at some point in your life. It is important for you to understand what the triggers are so that you can avoid them as much as possible.

One trigger is stress. If you’re having a tough time at home or work, you are a lot more likely to get an outbreak. Another unfortunate trigger is illness. Not only will you be feeling poorly because you are sick, you are more likely to get an uncomfortable out breaks.

There are other triggers that you can control more easily. Poor nutrition is one. When you’re not eating properly your body cannot function at its best. This leads to an outbreak, among other problems.

Vigorous sex is another trigger that you can easily control. Take extra measures to make sure you are doing noting to damage the area. You also need take special preventative measures here to be sure you don’t pass the herpes virus along to your partner or spouse.

There are also signs that let you know a virus is coming. If you start to feel a burning, tingling or itchy feeling, chances are you are starting to develop a herpes outbreak. Some people immediately develop blisters. Others start to get a fever and chills.

It is a slightly comforting fact that your first outbreak will probably be your worse. If you keep it in your mind that you won’t have to deal with such a severe outbreak in the future, it may make it slightly easier for you to manage.

If you have gotten your first herpes outbreak you will probably have the disease for your lifetime unless they find a cure. The best thing for you to do is learn what triggers outbreaks for you, and the signs that one is coming on. With some careful planning, you can manage your outbreaks.

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24 Responses to “What Happens During a Herpes Outbreak?”

  1. Shawn says:

    hello. I think I may have Herpes Whitlow can you give that to someone else if you mess around with them??

  2. kimberly says:

    im sure it is contagious ,yes u can spread them

  3. people says:

    Go get tested. There is medication to take daily or just when you get an outbreak. Its a simple blood test. You will be ok

  4. John says:

    Ok I’m 15 and I don’t know if I have herpes but i do have some of these conditions now I know I didn’t have sex how did I get it those conditions then

  5. anonymous says:

    john – i was seventeen? when i found out that i had it. i had never had ANY sexual contact at that point. we’re still unsure to this day how it even happened :\ so, it is possible. i’d go get checked asap, as your first outbreak can be EXTREMELY painful. i’d suggest planned parenthood. i found out though my physician at the pediatrics X:

  6. tom says:

    if you get little bumps on your junk that kinda burn then you have it.if you get nasty cold sores that last for 2 weeks or so your have can be born with it.its nothing to freak out about.wash your hands alot,do NOOOT touch then sore(it WILL spread(like from your lip to your dick(do you really want a cold sore on your genitals?)))keep it clean(use Q-tips)and dont have sex.we all need to get our fuck on sometimes but when you get a flair-up keep you shit in your pants,no one WANTS hurpies so dont spread it.

  7. Jess says:

    I had unprotected sex with a guy in Dec 2007. I got tested for herpes in October of 2008 and it came back negative. I got the HSV I/II IgG HerpeSelect Type Specific Antibody test. I have been with my now boyfriend for almost 4 years (since /march 2008). Two weeks ago I got these bumps on the inside of my vagina (not all the way on the inside). They have sense gone away. They never really looked like blisters and they looked more like some kind of rash. However, when I showed the Dr. a picture, he seemed convinces that it was Herpes. So he ordered another blood test to test for both IgG and IgM atibodies. My question is this: How is it possible to test negative 10 months after the possible exposure and up until this point, neither I nor my boyfriend has shown ANY symptoms of having Herpes? Neither one of us have gotten cold sores, or genital sores. And mind you we have had sex without a condom as well as oral sex, but still have never developed anything in the almost 4 years we have been together. Is it possible that I do have herpes? Even after having the negative IgG test and having almost 4 years of neither I nor my boyfriend showing any symptoms?

  8. Rita says:

    Jess, yes it is possible. I had a similar experience. I was with my boyfriend for some months when all of a sudden I had a bunch of bumps on my genital area and burning when I used the bathroom. I went to a hospital and the doctor said it did not look like herpes. I then went to my GYNO, got tested and then was told it was in fact herpes. I immediately called my BF and went with him to get tested. His test came back negative and I was shocked! I did not have sex with anyone else for at least a year prior to that. It was a very devastating time for me and I had a million and one questions running through my mind. I was thankful to have the support of my mother and my boyfriend that I am still with and this happened in 2008. Maybe you can get tested somewhere else to see what happens just in case.

  9. RN says:

    Jess, are you sure your boyfriend hasnt cheated on you?

  10. mary says:

    what can i use during my outbreaks to help pain nd make it pass quicker ?

  11. Leon says:

    Im 20 yrs old I dont yet know if i have herpes my test is in process but the doctors opinion is that it indeed is . Be sure to wash your your an infected area at least two times a day during your first symptoms take a daily vitamin and cancel your schedule for a while because cmon when you do have you dont feel comfortable do anything . Take a walk somewhere peaceful or have close friends keep you company . I was going to go to americorps until i found out i was devastated it will mess with your mind . The only thing i really wish i could know the genesis of who or where i got it and why i havent passed it along to anyone . My best advice on sex is always wear protection no matter what whether she is hot or ugly and limit yourself on set per week or month depending on your sexual appetite .

  12. Leon says:

    On the upside …maybe i can apply for medicinal marijuana but i wont if i dont got the virus . Just keep positive as you can and know this can happen to anyone and if there is going to be a cure herpes will be the first cure that i can promise.

  13. ashg says:

    I recently slept with my boyfriend who has herpes he has never had an 4 years since he got it but.we were split up for awhile and he slept with someone who has had outbreaks is his.going to.get worse and worse for me ??

  14. sara says:

    Hi guys, about 1 and week ago I got herpes type one. Weird cuz the huy I’m with never went down on me it was horrible but with med I took 5 days later it went away. Few days ago I went to see a dr he said its cleared out I had sex 2 night ago now I’m so paranoid. Cuz normally I get kinda sore when I use condoms now I don’t know if its coming back or is it the condom burn. I just feel sore cuz of sex. But, is it pssible it will come back 1 week after?

  15. Haley says:

    Hey everyone.
    I’m sixteen and found out that I had herpes back in Novemeber. This is my story…
    So, I was seeing a guy for about a month then we stopped seeing each other but got back together about a month later. I had not slept with anyone else while we were apart he told me he didn’t either….well we slept together when we got back together and about two weeks later I was in such pain, I itched and hurt like crazy I went to the doctor and they told me I had a yeast infection and they gave me medicine for it but it never really helped about a month later I had the same itchy feeling, but this time I had little tiny red bumps, so I started looking up things about herpes and yeast infections. I had read where doctors often mistake yeast infections for herpes. So I went back to the doctor and got tested for herpes…and sure enough the test came back a week later and I tested positive….so therefore I had it for two months not even knowing. And now this is something I live with for the rest of my life all thanks to a guy I didn’t really care for.

  16. A Boy says:

    Haley that sucks…im scared atm 2,i recently had sex for the first time with a girl i really trusted and knew for 2 years.But while i was having intercourse my hairs was pulling and rubbing after a while of having sex it felt uncomfortable.But i knew what was causing the feeling it was my public hair.But the thing is after monday of doing it i found what looks like hair bumps around by my public area,and under my penis it doesnt have bumps cause its nothing to squeeze or pop its looks like a breakout or friction from having sex.I get this tingling feeling at random times mostly when i think about it.I never had to itch it at all idk if it feels like i should but its not that intense to.Also i had sex and i didnt bathe when i came home i was really sleepy,but i did sweat but she really didnt.DO ANYONE knows if its just bacteria from the sweating,cum and not bathing that day,also it happened in the morning about 10am i saw the breakout wensday at around 900am or so soo remember i had sex 10am monday saw bumps at wensday around 7-10.Also when i first noticed it i remember seeing 2 bumps that looks ripe so i popped it herpes says its fluid like watery supposed to come out but it was puss like a when you shave and pop a bump..plz help me someone.One more thing today is thursday i saw it wensday and today its kinda clearing up doesnt look swollen no puss bumps there.

  17. Tasha says:

    Will sex ever be the same after the 1st outbreak?

  18. Haley says:

    A Boy….Your best bet is to just go to the doctor and get your blood taken and tested for herpes.

    And Tasha sex is still the same for me…

  19. Reeeeg says:

    Hey, I’m sixteen and have been seeing this lad for not that long when i mad the stupid mistake of having unprotected sex with him. He has now told me that he has herpes but didn’t know when we had sex. I’m worried that I have got it as it is really sore. I’m worried what my parents are going to say, as I can’t talk to them about stuff anyway let alone tell them that I may have caught something off a lad they have seen once!! I am really embarrassed by this and finding it hard to think that anyone will ever like me again! Is it just me that is feeling like this? Xx

  20. jasel says:

    i went to the hospital tonight cause i have like marks i noticed only on the right side of my penis that seem to be like friction marks, from taking pleasure with myself….the doc at the ER said he don’t think they are from friction….i started using a new lube about a month ago and that’s about when these started showing up…and got worse as i pleasured myself more…it’s just on one side…..should i be scared….maybe i’m allergic to it or having a skin reaction..or how i grip when i do it….i haven’t had sex in just over 7 years though….i was in a bad accident and became disabled and was in a wheelchair for a year, have had 16 surgeries over the last 7 years…couldn’t drive for 4 years…..i’m not handicapped anymore…i can now walk…lots of rehabilitation….about as far as going out that i get is when i go to walmart….is it possible to not show symptoms from the time i lost my virginity till now….that’s like 15 years….i’m 100% sure i didn’t have them before i got hurt….me and the girlfriend of two years got tested before anything…can symptoms really show up 10-15 years later for the first time

  21. tony says:

    i just got my first outbreak thursday it sunday now i have genital herpes i feel like a heroin addict coming of heroin cold chills weakness im just starting to feel better i hope i can work this whole moth with out passing out im taking pills now but i got to make a appiontment with a doctor this week im just hoping this will get better

  22. Florida25 says:

    Herepes can not be transmitted to your partner durinq sex rather its orall or vaqinally unless there is an open sore in the one thats recieivinq who does not have the disease

  23. Kelso123 says:

    I have herpies and my bf lied to me about having it. I have not had a break out for a month until now. It hurts but no bumps just burning. I am 16 and. I have a child idk if. I’ll ever get married cuse. I have this I don’t want to give it to anyone :( it’s a hard thing to live with in life. I am depressed cuse. I have it . And ppl treat u so different if u tell them make sure it’s a good person that wll not say anything . I debt know I had it. I though it was maybe sex sweat or something it was so hard to walk or sit I dent know what to do. Until I found out what I had . Just make sure u try not to give it to someone cuse later in life they can turn u in that’s what I am mostly worried about/:

  24. Amanda says:

    I have had herpes since 2003 and it’s now 2012 and have only had one breakout. I’m not on a daily medicine or anything so people don’t freak out! When I first found out I had it, I was worried it would ruin my sex life but so far it hasn’t and I’ve also had 2 kids! I think I may be having an outbreak now but I’m not 100% sure so I called my doctor to get some medicine. At the very tip of my clit it burns/itches. I’ve tried looking but it kind of looks like a cut but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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