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Treatment Tips – Some Ideas You May Not Have Considered

Posted on 12 May 2011

Is There A Treatment For Genital Herpes?

Many people ask that question out of curiosity, and many others are searching for themselves or a friend. You can span the entire internet and find 1000 products that boast they will treat herpes but almost always the products are more meant to provide comfort more than to completely remove the virus.

Sometimes products fall short of common sense

Now I am absolutely not a doctor and it is always recommended to use the medicines doctors prescribe as the primary treatment of herpes but there are some other things you can do to mitigate them even further. For example:

Excessive Heat

Direct sunlight and or heat can inflame your exterior (skin) which is amplified if an affected area is contacted. It is recommended always to keep affected areas away from an unusual amount of heat to reduce irritation and reaction.

Perfumes and Chemicals

Modern products contain many, probably too many, chemicals and harsh substances. Some of these products are known not to react well when coming in contact with the herpes virus For this reason perfumed soaps, antibacterial soaps, and female products like vaginal deodorant and/or douches all may need to be avoided completely.

Soothing Clothes

It is often desirable to wear tighter clothing for appearances but as many people find out the constant rubbing of the clothes on infected areas can become extremely bothersome. It’s not a difficult change to be more selective in the clothes you wear. Selecting more open, airy, and cooler clothes can actually reduce swelling and aggravation which in turn reduces the viruses ability to outbreak.

Pain Reduction

For minor pain relief it’s always easy to use standard pain relievers. Some examples are:

  • Tylenol or acetaminophen
  • Advil or ibuprofen
  • Aspirin

I hope these tips have benefited you in some way, if you would like to provide any of your own tips please feel free to leave a comment below!

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19 Responses to “Treatment Tips – Some Ideas You May Not Have Considered”

  1. nada says:

    my comment is on your heat warning. ive found that laying in a tanning bed can actually clear symptoms up

  2. Bob says:

    i wonder if the ultra violet light could be killing the virus?

  3. ladylove says:


  4. chelsea says:

    actually i have found witch hazel works to releive pain n also a hot bath sooths it

  5. vance says:

    lets find a cure please..!!! i had 3 partners in my lifetime.. unfortunately i didnt know i had it..and i trasmitted to my wife..who was a virgin when i met her..its unfair..

  6. Jess says:

    Vance, im in the same boat as your wife and my boyfriend is in your position as well. Its really rough situation but let’s keep praying for the cure

  7. Shay says:

    How do u tell someone u have it

  8. Kad says:

    Shay.. it’s very important to tell someone BEFORE you are intimate and BEFORE you kiss, share food, drinks, and anything else that could have body fluids on it (ANY body fluid).

    I caught herpes from sharing food with someone who didn’t know it could be transmitted that way. I am now married but I recall sharing this information with my wife before we became serious. She accepted anyway. If you only have oral sores then do NOT perform oral sex. Do not kiss people on the eyes and wash your hands any time you touch an outbreak. If you have children make sure your drinks are out of reach and be cautious…

    Genital herpes can spread to all areas of the body…

    Oral herpes can spread to all areas of the body…

    I don’t like these facts, but they are true.

    Please God! Please inspire a cure!

  9. JF says:

    My boyfriend waited six years to tell me that he had it and by then it was too late. When I went to the doctors and was tested I was told that I had the virus. However, I didn’t have any outbreaks until three years later. My outbreaks don’t seem as bad as some others that I am reading about but, the last one that I had (the one that I’m having right now) has lasted for three weeks! I find it so unfair that I’m stuck with this disease when I asked my boyfriend for years if he had it (his ex had it and he kept telling me he didn’t) and we could have been protected the whole time!! I think of the shame if anything ever happens to us and I have to tell someone that I have this…it’s humiliating! I can only hope a cure comes out sometime soon especially for people like me who obtained this virus by someone who lied to them!

  10. cody says:

    It’s not easy to deal with and somedays i just feel like I’m labeled as dirty in my mind… my ex gave it to me and i later found out i was cheated on 3 times before the relationship came to an end. Most of you are like me and didnt know what was going on in behind closed doors and no one deserves to live this way. And whats even more aggravating is that even if there was a cure i highly doubt our wonderful fda would put that in the hands of people to get cured. Reason …its all about money. One of these days there will be a cure
    and its out there but people need to do there homework in order to see results. And me personally I’m sick of hearing well you can treat it. Please excuse my anger but I want to abl,e to have kids someday without worrying about me passing it along. donA

  11. johnny says:

    I feel all of your pain. i went to 3 different doctors and they all told me i didnt have it. then finally i went to get tested and it came out positive all my symptoms lined up and i knew it. the worst part about it is that i think i spread it to different locations on my body. i have only been with 4 people and protected myself every time except for one which was with a long term girl, 8 years. we need to realize STDs are no joke they exist and people need to be honest with one another why ruin someone else’s health. A cure needs to come fast this life long disease is one that needs to be addressed. not only for the physical conditions but the mental ones as well. the panic and anxiety that i go through is worse than the actual outbreak. I think of so many scenarios and objections of people in the world and their thoughts. The fact of the matter is a cure for this virus is needed. some people who dont deserve this get this. there are people who make far worse decisions. all we can do is pray for something soon. God bless. Be Happy.

  12. Vic says:

    I’m 15 years old and I just fount out I have herpes its eating me alive I feel so depressed and I can’t believe this happened to me I really hope they find a cure

  13. Mia says:

    Vic. Don’t be depressed. Truly educate yourself on herpes. You are not alone.

  14. nessa says:

    I’m 15 and I think I might have genital herpes…
    I have one soar that if touched hurts really bad. And it itches and burns a lot.. is there a cure?

  15. sarah says:

    it can be extremely challenging to be positive about having herpes…the bottom line is that it is physically uncomfortable, emotionally taxing and comes with a whole heap of social taboo.
    however if you are on this site and reading these comments you obviously have need to be here, either you are in the herpes pool or someone close to you is and you are wanting to find as much information about it as possible. this is a good thing. information is power!!!
    tell people about it-i was very ignorant of herpes before i contracted it and i have been able to share my newly found knowledge with people.
    REMEMBER-YOU CAUGHT IT FROM SOMEONE at some point of your life…it is passed on. try to avoid blaming yourself…life is like a game of roulette-you just never know what will come your way.
    herpes is common, although you may feel alone, loads of people carrier it….at least you can be aware of it once you have been diagonsed!!!!
    prescribed medication only surpresses the herpes and really only helps if taken at the right time….the itchy stage-the prodome stage. personally i dont like taking tablets so i went to a herbal store and was recommend drinking lemon balm tea and applying a rose petal tincture in st johns wort oil. application of the oil definitely helps to eleviate some of the sore and irritating syptoms…..i also feel i rub natural goodness back into my skin. the tea is nice tasting and caffine is good to give up!! any changes to your diet is a good thing, more water, fresh raw fruits and veg, less chocolate and processed foods.
    accupunture is good for boosting the immune system.
    to me herpes seems like a mystery, nobody has any definitive answers about it-explore what works for you.

  16. Mel says:

    I have this strange tingling and numbess on my left side from head to toe each time I get an outbreak. My gyn told me to go to a hospital or neurologist immediately. They think I’m having a stroke or something. Totally didn’t even want to treat me so I’m sitting here using leftover acyclovir from the first time I had a horrid outbreak with the same numbness and tingling. I don’t think he will take me seriously anymore, the acyclovir is helping with the numbness but the outbreak is still spreading and my gyn wants me to see a friggin neurologist. Figures.

  17. Rachel says:

    I just want to say that at this very point in time I am so upset. I have known for about 4 months that I have HSV-2. My ex gave it to me and tried telling me he didn’t know but yet he failed to tell every female after me that he had sex with that he had Herpes.

    To this day, he has still been sleeping around and STILL not telling people… He says he is being “careful” but there is no 100% garauntee that the individual you are having sex with will not get it.

    It breaks my heart because I have always been a careless person up until about 5 years ago. I trusted him and that’s what happened to me. I feel like I can no longer trus anyone…

  18. Laura says:

    is there a medicine that can prevent your partner from catching Herpes if you cannot wear a condom?

  19. Sarah says:

    I was given it by my cheating ex about 10 years ago, when there was no sort of information about it and the adds they run today. I had no idea you could get it from a cold sore to down there…and after finding out from a cold and heartless docter, who basically called me a slut for sleeping around it was a tough time.
    I told the bf, he got tested – was positive!!! yet, he wanted to blame me. I should be glad thats all I got from him, after finding out exactly how bad of type he was.
    Unfortunatley I live with this for the rest of my life, I manage it best I can (haven’t used meds for atleast a year) but stress trigger and here I am (needing meds agian). Its very tough!

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